beauty in the small

I’ve always peered at things. As I get older and my eyesight changes peering at things becomes a neccessity. But you should never underestimate the things you can discover by peering and using the macro functionality of your very own eyes.

Take these seedlings for example:

The beauty of the small

Millions, probably billions, of seedlings come into being everyday, most unobserved, many to perish before planthood. Each one unique.

The beauty of the small

This Yin Yang bean seedling is now growing ever more plantlike, soon to be hardened off and planted out to live for a brief time making beans for me to eat. And then to die, re-nitrogenating the soil and laying the foundations for the next crops…..

Next time you see a seedling have a peer. And a think.

You can’t shine if you don’t burn (apparently)

Godney road by zailmcc
Godney road, a photo by zailmcc on Flickr.

All underwater and not quite a road…. Taken near Godney on the Somerset levels a few weeks ago before the major flooding at Moorland and suurounding area was on the news.  If you you behind the first willow tree you can see Glastonbury Tor to the left.

Not sure of the point of this blog yet, or even if it has one, or even if it will actually become a blog… Maybe it will be a random set of postings unconnected by nothing apart from my mind.

Here’s another of Glastonbury Tor – it’s significant by for the company I had that day..

Tor Shadow by zailmcc
Tor Shadow, a photo by zailmcc on Flickr.